Hindu man comes forward to support the Muslim family in National Anthem row. This is my India.


Bangalore: Several opinions are being floated on social as well as traditional media around the Muslim family which refused to stand for the national anthem played just before a movie and we are just a candle light march away from it being a national tragedy.

A minor issue soon became a minority issue when a Hindu guy came to the Muslim family’s rescue when he wrote that the Muslim family is being targeted because of their religion; he also added “Few days back I deliberately did not stand up for the national anthem and nobody asked me to leave the theater. I had no intention of disrespecting the national anthem, but I was hoping people would throw me out of the theater, where I was forced by my girlfriend to watch Sajid Khan’s Humshakals”

Not just normal citizens, other celebrities too came in defence of the Muslim family. “I’ve been thrown out once even after standing in the theatre as it is difficult to tell if I’m standing or sitting” said a rather furious cricketer, Parthiv Patel.

Parthiv Patel National Anthem

Parthiv Patel was standing for the anthem and still asked to leave the hall.

Not just cricketers, Bollywood stars too supported the Muslim family. “I do not stand in the theaters because when I do, people behind complain that they cannot see the screen because of my ears” said a visibly helpless Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan National Anthem

A considerate Aamir Khan does not stand to avoid blocking people’s view because of his ears

We spoke to the famous psychiatrist Dr. Sadbhuddhi, about one’s psychology while refusing to stand-up during the national anthem, to which he replied “Dusron ka kya bataun, main khud khada nahin hota. meri ek taang nakli hai”.



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