After Jhanvi, 22 Months Old Challenges Rahul Gandhi for Debate

While JNU students’ leader Kanhaiya Kumar has yet to respond to the 15-year-old Jhanvi Behl’s challenge of open debate over FOE (Freedom of Expression), a kid, name Vikas, from Varanasi has challenged Rahul Gandhi for debate. News has got attention of doctors across the world since Vikas is just 22 months old and speaks more fluently than many political leaders.

When THB reporter asked Vikas whether he really wants to debate with Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, Vikas nodded and said “I am leady fol an open debate whelevel and whenevel lahul Gandhi wants” Vikas’s mother said “We had little doubt about his capabilities since the 1st sentence he said was “hal hal modi ghal ghal modi”, his mother added “Vikas is just 22 months old and I think that is more than enough to learn what all Rahul Gandhi knows.”

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We spoke to Doctor Arnab, Vikas’ Doctor, about Vikas’ growth, Doctor said Vikas is just a normal child and learns things like normal kid, it’s just that he watches news instead of cartoons such as Chhota Bheem and Doremaon he knows a little more than other kids.

While most of the people are excited for the debate, Vikas’s Father is quite sure about Vikas’ victory. He said “if Rahul Gandhi speaks one line fluently I’ll declare him winner” and started laughing.

Social media took this opportunity and within 10 minutes of news #VikasVsRahul started trending but in 20 minutes the trend disappeared. Congress spokesperson Mr. Sanjay Jha said “It’s Modi’s conspiracy to defame Shri Rahul Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi ji should file a defamation case against Modi”.



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