Mechanical Engineer attempts suicide after bank denies loan to buy Freedom 251

Noida:  A major tragedy was averted when Gaanu Sharma, an unemployed mechanical engineer was rescued while he was attempting suicide at his Jalvayu Vihar residence.While they say a cigarette can take 7 minutes of your life, but in this case a cigarette proved to be a life-saving drug. Gaanu’s room-mate Chomu, another mechanical engineer, but currently in pursuit of his degree since 7 years, entered the room only to collect the half smoked cigarettes which he had hidden under Gaanu’s bed. To his surprise and shock, he saw Gaanu attempting suicide by trying to hang from a table fan.

Gaanu is a first generation graduate of his family and after he completed his engineering from IIT-Delhi (Indra Institute of technology)in 2008 he has been looking for a job ever since. He was depressed because of the increasing demands from family and relatives, and more so with the frequent taunting from his father who would say “I am the only Sharmaji whose son is not setting examples, this is embarrassing”.

These taunts were giving depressing thoughts to Gaanu until one day, when he saw advertisement of world’s cheapest phone “Freedom-251”, he got very excited with a thought of gifting the phone to his father. Gaanu had already purchased the body and cover of Micromax canvas to cover the Freedom-251 phone before gifting it to his father.

Gaanu’s suicide note, found under the bed,said “I thought of giving up a couple of cigarettes per week so that I could submit installment of 40 rupees per month, but the bankers told me, for such loans your bank balance should be in triple digits, now I have lost all the hopes, I QUIT”

Giving it a completely different angle, few celebs tweeted in support of GaanuTweet by legendary spinner Barkha:

  1. Tweet by legendary spinner Barkha:

Barkha Dutt Fake tweet

2. Tweet by famous film critic:

Kejriwal Fake tweet


Now whether he gets the phone or not, he is now happy as other parents are using his example to taunt their own children. This is considered a big achievement in the Sharma clan and his father is extremely proud to hear his neighbours tell their sons “Tu kab tak yeh din raat IT ki sasti naukri karta rahega, Sharmaji ke bete ko dekh, kitni media coverage mili hai suicide attempt ke baad. Yeh le, ek naya table fan liya hai tere liye..”



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