PM launches Travel Dhan Yojna; Foreign trips to be funded by renting out PM residence.

Adding to the long and impressive list of “yojanas” launched by the BJP government, PM Narendra Modi announced “Travel Dhan Yojna” in a press conference held on skype late last night. It is difficult to say where the PM was when the conference was held but our team at THB is translating his last tweet which seems to be in Swahili to guess the exact location.

This scheme comes in the wake of several jibes made at the PM on his frequent foreign trips; rather infrequent India trips. As per sources, there has been some protest within BJP too. PM was supposed to inaugurate some charity projects but since charity begins at home, those projects could never take off.

Narendra Modi Foreign Travel

While making the announcement, PM Modi said “Mitron, humari Sarkar tax payer ke paise ki ahamiyat samajhti hai, is liye yeh Yojna aapke aur mere, dono ke hit main hai”. Welcoming this announcement, Mr Ashwin Lohani, CEO at Air India remarked “This shall be a big boost to Air India, I already see us overachieving our targets set for 2016”

The PM residence, located at 7 Race Course Road, New Delhi is spread over a posh 12 acres campus situated in the most prime location in Delhi. It is expected to yield several lacs and possibly crores in monthly rent which will be used to fund the PM’s foreign trips.

The details of the scheme are still not out but our THB reporter confirmed that the PM residence will be available for lease to any interested individual/organization when the PM is travelling on business trips. External Affairs minister, Ms. Sushma Swaraj has been appointed as the caretaker as well as the single point of contact for any lease agreement or price negotiation or rent collection activities.



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