In Pics: Santa Claus’ gifts to various celebrities

HO HO HO! It’s Christmas time and we bring to you what Santa has in store for some of our famous celebrities !

  1. Ashutosh: Guess Santa Claus also follows him on twitter !

Ashutosh Santa Clause


2. Parthiv Patel: Let alone finding a gift, Santa Claus thought its more important to find Parthiv first !

Parthiv Patel Santa Clause


3. Bobby Deol: Well, Santa always knows what people need the most..

Bobby Deol Santa Clause


4. Rahul Gandhi: Yes, its a brain 🙁

Rahul Gandhi Santa Clause


5. Sonakshi SInha: Even if you don’t need it but you still want it, Santa Claus will get it for you !

Sonakshi Sinha Santa Clause


6. Arvind Kejriwal: What better than  fresh muffler and new bottle of his favourite drink to start 2016 with fresh allegations

Arvind Kejriwal Santa Clause


7. Yami Gautam: No wonder Santa Claus chose to wear sunglasses while facing Yami



8.Narendra Modi: Air India’s planes have suffered enough in 2015, time for fresh ones !

Narendra Modi Santa Clause


9.Salman Khan: We all know about Santa’s sense of humour, it can drive you crazy !

Salman Khan Santa Clause




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