Titan watches suffering huge losses; Researchers suggest renaming of the premium brand from Raga to NaMo


Mumbai: It is no news that Titan is one of the oldest and most preferred watch brands in the country. However, in the last few quarters, Titan Raga, the premium name in Titan’s portfolio has reported huge losses which have forced the senior management to intervene and try to get to the bottom of the issue.

Initially, presence of smart watches like Apple Watch etc. in the market was believed to be the main cause for the issue. However, after spending considerable time, effort and money, the research division at the Tata Group informed that the name ‘Raga’, which is also how Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is referred to, was pushing customers away from the brand.

THB correspondent approached the Head of Market Research at Titan, Mr. Pramod Gandhi who said “It is not something that is difficult to correlate. When almost the entire country has shrugged off Congress, how can a brand which shares its name with this party’s Vice-President, ever remain successful”. On asking further about the challenges he faced during research he said “We were also confused as to why everyone would burst into laughter upon entering our Titan Raga stores, across India. But now we know, the image of Shri Rahul Gandhi would flash across their minds and then one has no option but to…” and Mr Pramod started laughing hysterically.

On asking about future plans, a senior official at the Tata Group, on condition of anonymity told us “To turn the tide on dropping sales, we will now will change the name of this premium brand to ‘NaMo’ as that makes Titan a global brand and people world over from US to Somalia to Australia to Japan to Greenland to Antarctica will be able to relate to as we all know every country on the globe is now familiar with the person associated with this name.



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